Diablo 3 Gameplay: Complete Guide To Diablo 1 16-Tier Dungeon Via World Map's New Waypoint

Diablo 3 recently included renditions of the 16-tier dungeon in Diablo 1 with the new waypoint although the renditions are pixelated. It is said that the corpses and dead cows scattered on the road leading to the dungeon's entrance are part of a puzzle that unlocks callbacks to Diablo's past. Note that these cows should not be touched.

Do Not Touch The Cows

First off, Diablo 3 players may need to fight in the dungeon and search for a bright white cluster of mushrooms to acquire the Rotten Mushroom from ye olde Tristram. These will then be placed in a cauldron found in an old shack in a curved detour on the upward path towards the dungeon. The Rotten Mushroom will be used to make Witch's Brew.

There are burnt out buildings in Diablo 3 where named corpses lie. At the southernmost corner lies the dead man named Farnham which players may revive with the Witch's brew. His ghost will then give the Drunkard's Debt in return which may then be taken to Ogden who will in turn offer Garda's Letter to revive Pepin who will also give a Healer's Prescription with schematics for a child's wooden leg. This in turn may be offered to the corpse of the blacksmith to acquire a plan for Wirt's Leg which may be used to acquire the Star Map.

Note that the blacksmith in town will require one million gold to put it together. The cows in Diablo 3 may now be prodded back in the cauldron in the order 2-1-3 or middle-left-right to gain access to a farm area with a chest containing a bovine pet.

Butcher Pet

In other news, the Darkening of Tristram Event just went live. Players may opt to unlock the Butcher pet in the 16-tier dungeon. Note that Diablo 3 players may need the Reaper of Souls Expansion on PC, PS4 or Xbox One.

Diablo 3 players may also be required to run the game consistently completing the dungeon sans turning off the game. Hence, players may not leave in the middle of the dungeon without having to start from the beginning. A New Level 1 character is to be used. In the meantime, Blizzard noted that from now on, the event would be replayed every January.


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