Nokia Is Preparing For A New Virtual Assistant Named Viki

Nokia is possible to introduce a smart artificial intelligence (AI)-powered assistant app on its own, called Viki.

Nokia Is Preparing For A New Virtual Assistant

Nokia has filed for a new trademark in the EU for the name "Viki." According to PhoneArena, this move of Nokia of naming something as Viki might be the name of a new voice-activated virtual personal assistant that the company is preparing and working on.

In the description of the product section on the filed application, Viki is described as "Software for the creation and monitoring of mobile and web assistants working with digital knowledge and combining all data sources into a single chat and voice-based interface."

If the new name Viki is a voice-activated assistant for Nokia, therefore she is entering a market that includes other AI's such as Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, and Bixby. In the meantime, Huawei has already announced that the company will include Amazon's Alexa personal assistant on its next U.S. bound flagship smartphone.

In addition, Nokia would also be challenging Google by employing a competing assistant on its new Android handsets. That means the new Android phones under Nokia that was named during 2016, may come running their own AI assistant called Viki. We'll have to wait and see whether it has enough smarts to stand out from the rest.

Know The Real Nokia's Viki

Although many rumors are suggesting that Viki might a new AI from Nokia, of course, we are not sure yet whether Viki will be Nokia's AI or not. There is a possibility that Viki is not an assistant and it may be related to some other project that Nokia is working on nowadays. But still, the name Viki, especially spelled in that manner, certainly has the feel of being a reliable virtual and voice-activated personal assistant.

As of now, we still have to wait for the announcement of Nokia. We have no concrete idea what Viki will be but one thing for sure is that, it will come from Nokia.


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