Joy Unveils Octopus Smartwatch For Kids At CES 2017

Joy unveils its first smart watch for kids at CES 2017. The watch helps and teaches kids good habits as well as to manage time. It is not a normal watch but a smart watch designed especially for kids so that they can be on schedule and able to do their task on time.

What Are The Main Features?

The watch acts both as a scheduler and a wrist watch. It is basically designed for children from 3 to 8 years of age. Also it helps kids with certain disabilities like ADHD, ASD, diabetes, Down syndrome etc to help them complete their daily tasks and continue to follow their healthy habits.

The Octopus watch works as a scheduler where all the schedules are set up through a phone. The watch is capable of being connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth and is compatible with both iOS and Android smart phones. Parents would be able to set schedules and reminders for their child using the smart phones. The device allows children of different age groups to set up the different display modes that would be better to follow. Younger kids as seen would prefer to use icon-based display where it can be used to display about 600 stored icons for every activity.

The icons denote different time sensitive actions such an icon showing brushing teeth, bathing and feeding the dog. Now for older kids it can be altered to show digital and analog time. This would be an amazing way for the parents to set up their child's mental ability to understand things much clearly and help them grow.

Some Added Features

The amazing part of this watch is that it is completely water-resistant and comes with a USB charging cable. Also one can go for the Octopus Companion which has an amazing look. It acts both as a charger and a nightlight. The price range for the device is kept at $69 and along with the companion it will cost $109.

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