CES 2017: Samsung Launches World's First Skin Care Gadget

The S Skin is the world's first skin care device launched by Samsung at CES 2017. This device is one of many experimental products that came up from Samsung's C-Lab department. It is a huge effort made by the company to tap into new potential business.

What To Expect From The Device?

The company wishes to offer its employees the chance to see their ideas to market. It is very important for a company to take a risk and step into the market. The gadget assesses the skin through a combination of cameras, light sensors and conductivity sensors. It beams some light on the user's face and then analyzes the result that bounces back to the sensors. Also, the added feature here is that the two metal contacts help to gauge the conductivity of the skin that estimates the moisture.

As soon as it figures out what the skin is lacking it will offer up a light-based care program. Also, it comes up with a micro-needle patch that is capable of delivering appropriate nutrient packs to the skin. The color changing patches will help to confirm that it has been applied correctly over the skin. This contains similar ingredients as one would find in the skin care products as reported. The patches are themselves very rough when touched. The product is amazing to work upon and might take a long treatment for the skin to repair but the analysis done by the device is satisfying and accurate.

Future Aspects

The product is for now at the stage of validation, which are waiting for some feedback from the media before the company can be actually sure about it. And then it can launch it finally as soon as it gets good and positive feedback from public, consultants over the course of time that would be a good move in future.


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