Ark: Survival Evolved News: Studio Wildcard Is Planning To Release A Major Update

Studio Wildcard is set to release a new update for Ark: Survival Evolved. The new patch will not only be for PS4 but also for other platforms such as Xbox One. The patch will provide major game improvements and new dinosaurs.

What Are The Features Of The Upcoming Ark: Survival Evolved Patch?

On Jan. 16, Studio Wildcard will be releasing a major update for Ark: Survival Evolved. According to Express, Both PS4 and Xbox One users can download the patch for their platforms. The update will include new dinosaurs and major game improvements.

The dinosaurs will be Cnidaria, Trodon, Tusoteuthis, Pegomastax and Therinosaurus. The game improvements will be a camera that will let the players use their photos in painting canvasses and a new cave that will be added in the game.

Lastly, the TamingSpeedMultiplier, HarvestAmountMultiplier and XPMultiplier are now doubled. But the players can still use the previous multiplier in Ark: Survival Evolved. All they have to do is to decrease the server's custom values to 50 percent.

The Patches In Ark: Survival Evolved Just For PS4 Users

Last Jan. 5, Ark: Survival Evolved in PS4 was updated. As per Inquisitr, the patch 502.7 offered a limited improvements to the game. There were Procedurally Generated Maps added in the console. Whenever the game crashes, Studio Wildcard made sure that it is fixed.

Ark: Survival Evolved for PS4's other features offers a bigger memory storage in the console and the performance of the game has improved. However, the game continues to crash when the players ride a Pteranodon. But Studio Wildcard is sure that the latest patch has solved the problem.

A lot of Ark: Survival Evolved fans are really enjoying with the latest update released by Studio Wildcard. However, the Xbox One users have to wait for another week to finally download the upcoming patch that will bring exciting features to the game.

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