Samsung Wants Apple's iPhone 8 To Win The Market

For years, people are reportedly thinking that Samsung and Apple have been on a stiff competition in being the first among anything. With this, some thought that Samsung already lost its edge when the battery explosion issues surfaced online. However, Samsung seems to be handling the situation very well. As a matter of fact, Samsung is allegedly helping Apple in achieving excellent smartphones.

Samsung Provides OLED Panels For iPhone 8, Is Samsung Already Backing-Out Against Stiff Competitor?

According to Forbes, it all started when LG made OLED panels for Apple. Weird as it may seem, but the company that keeps on trying to go on top is helping Apple maintain its much-coveted position. And up until now, there is no clarification as to how true all the allegations and the speculations are but Samsung is reportedly giving the curved OLED panels for iPhone 8.

Apple and Samsung have been popular because of their battle with smartphone supremacy. Even online, the two leading tech companies went through series of comparisons and reviews with each other. With this, people are asking: why would Samsung help iPhone 8 reach the top?

Reasons Behind Samsung Helping Apple Revealed, Samsung Not Intimidated At All

Sources reiterated that Samsung is an established empire and smartphone is just a great part of it. It's like having a chess set with the phones being the pawn. The company already made a name for itself in every area known in this world. As a matter of fact, Samsung still earned a staggering $7.76 billion amidst Galaxy Note 7 issues. This is yet the best quarterly profit attained by Samsung.

Some news told that the reason for its huge profit is mainly because of its OLED panels. It has been on-demand these past few days. To add on this, even huge companies started promoting Samsung's high-contrast, true-black screens.

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