Are Aliens The Same As Machines Of The Future? Find Out As A Group Of Astronomers Claim Machines And Aliens Are Nothing But Similar

Considering that no one exactly knows what aliens look like and whether they really exist or not, a number of UFO enthusiasts believe that aliens might not be the typical humanoid creatures that we've been expecting it to be. On Neil deGrasse Tyson's science show "Star Talk," SETI Astronomer Seth Shotsak and comedian Michael Ian Black have recently discussed alien sightings and the way aliens are portrayed in the media nowadays. Shotsak claimed that aliens do have the ability of sending signals that can be detected by the Earth's most advanced set of technologies and will likely transcend beyond the biological form to live instead as intelligent machines. Hence, it is not impossible that an all-digital civilization will soon take place, he adds.

Are Aliens The Same As Machines Of The Future?

In one of his statements reported by CNet, the SETI astronomer was quoted to have said that one-third of the US population are allegedly hooked into the UFO phenomena. He explains that there are roughly 10,000-20,000 sightings reported every year in the US, so that's considerably a lot. Shotsak has also added that with the forms of technology the humanity has, he believes that aliens have already done that way past ahead of us which makes him even more convinced that the real aliens probably look like machines.

Furthermore, as Daily Mail reports it, futurist Ray Kurzweil has also claimed that the idea of singularity, when humans will merge with technology, was apparently projected to take place in 2045. On the other hand, it was found that the SETI astronomer believes that the time when it will take place doesn't actually matter anymore because the bottomline is, the phenomenon is inevitable. The expert also added that this is also the same path that we should be expecting for intelligent alien life as well. Ultimately, the researcher explained that the machines humans create for themselves will just eventually continue to get smarter at an accelerated rate, which would then mark the creation of better and better technologies.


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