North American Car, Truck And Utility Vehicle of The Year Awards At The Detroit Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show happening in Detroit has just announced the yearly winners for this year's event. Awards were given for the best North American Car, Truck, and Sports Utility Vehicle. Chevrolet, Chrysler and Honda took the hottest spots for these year's awards.

The Bolt Gets Another Car Of The Year Award

The all-American Chevy Bolt took the award for the North American Car of the Year. With the small car's aim to the first budget and consumer-friendly electric car, it is no wonder they received that award. The Bolt has a starting price of $30,000 dollars that costs less than the more luxurious Tesla Model S. The Chevy Bolt was also awarded by known automotive media outfit, Motor Trend, as their car of the year.

The Honda Ridgeline as Truck Of The Year

The Honda Ridgline that attempted to change how a pickup truck acts by using a different structure took the award for the Truck of the year. Honda used a new type of car-truck structure that gives it a smooth ride and better fuel economy than other trucks in the market. The Ridgeline also features audio speakers in the walls of the tailgate, and has additional storage under the already large cargo bed.

The Utility Vehicle Of The Year Goes To The Chrysler Pacifica

The Chrysler Pacifica took minivans to a whole new level with its sleek looks and new technology while maintaining to be the classic that it was known. This minivan features ergonomic and driver friendly controls that make driving it with ease. The Pacifica is the first of its kind to be offered a plugin hybrid model that can run 35 miles of range while just being powered by the battery. These features made the Pacifica one of the best minivans to ever come out of the factory, and made it the North American International Auto Show's Utility Vehicle of the Year.

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