‘Valkyria Revolution' New Trailer Reveals New Character Prince Maxim

Sega has just released a new trailer for the upcoming “Valkyria Revolution” and it has revealed a new character. Maxim has been added to the roster of soldiers that will be part of the new story. The trailer introduced a character highlight on Maxim.

Sega revealed a new character named Maxim for “Valkyria Revolution”, otherwise referred to as “Valkyria: Azure Revolution”. The latest trailer that unveiled Maxim started off with him engaged in a battle of words against Ophelia, the princess of a small country called Jutland. Though it has not been revealed whether or not he will be a playable character, it is definite that his loyalty remains with the powerful empire of Rus.

The trailer highlighted scenes of Maxim converging with the commanders of the Rus Empire as well as battling against Ameth Glencair, who is the captain and commanding officer for the Anti-Valkyria squad of Jutland. In the said video, it is noticeable that Maxim is a formidable soldier that wields two pairs of weapons, which he is evidently an expert on. He can wield two daggers and a pair of twin guns, which he has some awesome skills that go with it. His daggers are durable enough to withstand devastating hits from Amleth’s huge broadsword.

Maxim turns out to be not just a skilled ally of the Rus Empire but is also the second prince of Ipseria. His kingdom, Isperia, is actually under the stronghold of the Rus Empire, therefore he cannot go against them. To secure his position, the Rus Empire has made Prince Maxim a second lieutenant in the growing force of the Rus Imperial army.

Developed by Media Vision, which is stylized as Media.Vision, the game makers clearly had a knack for incorporating familiar characters in their new games. “Valkyria Revolution” will be an action role-playing video game and will make its debut on Jan. 19 for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. It will be made available in North America and Europe starting April 2017 along with the Xbox One versions.

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