‘Valkyria Revolution' Latest Update Reveals Trailers Featuring New Commanders, Gameplay, And More

‘Valkyria Revolution' Latest Update Reveals Trailers Featuring New Commanders, Gameplay, And More
Sega has revealed more promotional videos showing more features from the upcoming "Valkyria Revolution" video game. Watch the teaser here! Photo : SEGA/YouTube

More updates for the upcoming “Valkyria Revolution” video game has just been released and it clearly looks promising. The update consisted of two new videos featuring the gameplay as well as more of the characters that players will be seeing in the said video game.

"Valkyria Revolution" Is A Spinoff Role-Playing Game

Though “Valkyria Revolution” is based on the original video game series, “Valkyria Chronicles”, it will be delving into the genre of a single player role-playing game instead. Unlike the original series, which was a tactical role-playing game, the upcoming “Valkyria” series will have a whole new gameplay. And even though the said upcoming game is based on the “Valkyria” series, the developers have revealed that it will have a whole new separate story, hence becoming a spin-off video game.

Valkyria Revolution” takes with it the story of Valkyria, those beings bestowed with celestial powers, which they can use either for good or bad, depending on the wielder. It also introduces the origin of Ragnite, which the first three video games of the series did not focus on too much. The developers have further revealed three main characters of the video games namely Amleth Glenkaer, Ophelia A. Jutland, and Brunhild, who is a Valkryia they nicknamed “The Reaper”.

"Valkyria Revolution" Introduces A Whole New Gameplay And Combat System

It is not yet certain how the story will actually turn out as the studio only gave a summary, revealing no spoilers at all. Based on the gameplay concept that the promotional video they released, “Valkyria Revolution” allows the player to explore and run about in various locations and engage in conversations with other people. When the developer further divulged that the video game will have a base where the player rests and takes missions, fans have drawn to a conclusion that it might just be somewhat like the gameplay of “God Eater”.

But that’s not all they revealed, the combat system is entirely different from what gamers have grown fond of in the tactical “Valkyria Chronicles” series, which defines the serious intake of the company to venture into a different role-playing game. Just like other popular RPGs, players can level up with experience points, customize weapons, and even learn abilities as seen on the video. Aside from that, the combat system takes off the restraint on the limited moves and gives players the liberty to fight off adversaries in countless steps.

SEGA Reveals More Characters In "Valkyria Revolution" Teaser

To further promote the upcoming video game, SEGA also released a video featuring the big guys on the other side of the camp, which are from the Empire. Just like how the people of the Empire were portrayed in the first video games of the series, the four commanders namely Balthus Greppenberg, Gustav Mecklenburg, Viktor Timashev, and Gilouche Benckendorff are garbed in audacious uniforms that signify their statuses in the Empire. They will be leading the soldiers that the protagonists will fight against and will most likely be formidable foes to reckon with.

“Valkyria Revolution”, also referred to as “Valkyria Azure Revolution” in Japan, will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One. It is set to release in Japan in January 2017 for the said PlayStation consoles while the release dates for North America and Europe has not yet been determined but will either be in the first or second quarters of 2017.

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