WikiLeaks Assures That The US Report About The Hacking Is Politically Motivated: Is Julian Assange Telling The Truth?

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange held a press conference on Monday morning through the live streaming Periscope app, in order to respond to the U.S. intelligence agencies report, in which it was explained that Russian hackers aligned to Vladimir Putin´s regime were the ones behind the DNC and John Podesta´s emails hack, and subsequently, the source of WikiLeaks. However, far from confirmation, the information provided by the NSA, CIA and the FBI, Julian Assange made a historical rant in which he denied everything, claiming that this was just a political move.

The Report Was Not Sustained By Any Physical Evidence

During the interview, Assange explained that the report made by the intelligence agencies didn't show any kind of physical evidence and that its main objective was just to produce something not falsifiable, and therefore intellectually bankrupt. Also, he assured that the report was made in order to defend the position of everyone that is in a crucial position within the Democratic party, since they look to stand for the Congress one more time next year, and some of them would be the future presidential candidate.

What seemed as one of the most surprising moments of the interview, was when Assange denied that WikiLeaks had any kind of intentions to getting Trump elected as the new chief of state, since they believe that the Republican will definitely represent a huge threat for whistleblowers, creating a hostile environment in which WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden will keep being persecuted by the American government.

WikiLeaks Doesn't Support Donald Trump

Nevertheless, after saying that the report was totally embarrassing and didn't have the structure of an intelligence report, Julian Assange blasted the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by saying that she represented the consolidation of power of the existing ruling in the nation. Also, WikiLeaks leader accused President Obama and his administration of destroying its own records so the people won't know the internal operations of his regime.

Although physical evidence was not provided to prove his assertions on this matter, the Russian hackers´ situation has got to the point in which taking a position in this issue means taking a political side, given the fact that most of the people that defend WikiLeaks Julian Assange in the U.S. are Trump supporters, while those who believes in the report supports Hillary Clinton. A gray area has never been so difficult to find in the recent history of the U.S. politics.

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