Cool Android Wallpaper Apps You Should Definitely Try

Having a cool wallpaper on your phone screen is a must-have. But the definition of "cool" differs from each person, right? To cater to all the standards of what defines a beautiful wallpaper, here are a number of Android apps that offers high quality and great looking wallpapers:


This Android wallpaper app has many high-quality images to choose from. When viewing the wallpapers on the app, users will notice that the wallpapers offered are clean and have minimal UI. There are also a number of wallpapers that has this "3D parallax" effect which is really cool to see. And lastly, this app is said to be free.


Judging from its name, you can probably guess that the wallpapers here are dark themed. Well, yeah, but it really is not into that dark, deep and heavy kind of art that could make a normal person freak out. It is just enough to have that bit of a dark edge into it.

Nevertheless, this app offers cool dark themed wallpapers. It is also quite useful for smartphones that have AMOLED screens, because not only does it offer high-quality dark themed wallpapers, it can also save battery life due to the fact that AMOLED screen has deeper blacks.


For this Android wallpaper app, the wallpapers here are cool and sick - in a good way. The thing is, unlike other wallpapers apps, the Facets app offers geometrical patterns and figures created in a very cool manner. It even has this superhero section that even non-fans of superhero characters genre will definitely love and consider having it on their wallpaper screen. Another thing that makes this app great is that all of its wallpapers are in 4k resolution and some even more than 4k.


This Android wallpaper app is unique. What makes this app unique is that it offers wallpapers from any smartphone brand device. Literally, it has this selection of what smartphone device you are using to help the user really choose the best wallpaper for his/her smartphone. But uniqueness aside, this Android app has great wallpapers to choose from.


This Android wallpaper app offers one of the best and sexiest wallpapers. The company who created this app claims that all of their wallpapers for smartphones and tablets were carefully handpicked by Wallgram professional moderators. Personally, I believe it's true because I have seen their pictures and they're awesome. But of course this is solely based on my personal opinion and you have to check it out yourself.


Now, for some people who are familiar with this app, it may be strange to find this app part of the list. What this app does is that it generates high-quality backgrounds. The user can either select a random wallpaper or let the Android app generate one for them hourly or daily. For me personally, it is fun to use, because you never know what wallpaper you will get once you start generating a new wallpaper.

Wallpapers For Me

This is also one of the best Android wallpaper apps. One thing that I really find cool is their landscape and city light pictures. They are simply breathtaking and offered in high resolution. Just try it, you will not be disappointed.

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