Forbidden Apps Not Found On Play Store That Will Blow Your Mind

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A photo of some phone apps. Photo : Rescue Brothers/YouTube

Before you start scrolling down, I would like to tell you that I am not encouraging you to try these apps. What I'm doing is giving awareness about these forbidden apps that users can never find on Google Play Store.

This afternoon, I was browsing for Lenovo Phab 2 Pro's Tango feature at YouTube when I saw this video about forbidden apps that could not be found on Google Play Store. It got me intrigued so I clicked it. And after watching the video, I thought I should write about it. Here are some of the forbidden apps featured in the video:


Are you constantly traveling? Are you always on the road? If yes, then chances are you don't watch TV that much or just don't have the access.

Well, the Mobdro app lets the user watch live TV on their Android device for free. On this app, users have a variety of sections to choose from: news, technology, gaming, sports, or any type of category. If you're wondering what TV channels this app features, it's all from around the world. This app also lets the user stream TV in high quality (depending on your internet connection).

OG Insta+

According to the video source, this app is like Instagram on steroids. It is your regular Instagram application, but with an added functionality. This app lets the user zoom in to different pictures by clicking or holding them. It also lets the user download any picture or audio file directly from Instagram by clicking the download button. And of course, it's free.


This app is like a YouTube downloader. The only difference is that this app lets the user download from any video streaming website. It also lets the user choose to download the video as a video file or audio file. This app is also free.


This app is a life-saver. What this app does it that it blocks all ads from your Android devices from different applications and websites. This just lets you experience the feeling of browsing without having those pop-up ads blow-up on your face with every click you make (some would even open 5 ads before you can even access the source you were browsing). On its settings, this app lets the user choose what ads he/she wants to block. Though this app has a premium version with more added functionality, the free version is already quite useful.

Other Forbidden Apps

There are a number of apps featured on the video, but were too "illegal" in a sense. And if I write about them, I might end up getting in trouble. So, if you want to know about it further (and by no means I am encouraging you watch the video or download the apps), that will be your choice.

The Problem About Forbidden Apps

These kinds of apps are like a double edge sword. It gives you access to many things which are not normally available and you're going to love it. However, that also comes with a price, because not only you're doing something illegal, it also gives hackers access to your phone. I mean, if they can make cool hacking apps, why can't they hack your phone?

So, before you decide to use these apps, just be sure that you know the risks. With that being said, I hope I gave you enough warning and made it clear that I am not encouraging the use of forbidden apps. I do suggest that you choose wisely.

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