‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Defeat Midgardsormr In ‘Serpent Of Risorath Basin’ Quest

‘Final Fantasy XV' Guide: Defeat Midgardsormr In ‘Serpent Of Risorath Basin’ Quest
Defeat the strong serpent beast Midgardsormr lurking in the world of "Final Fantasy XV" with these tips and tricks. Photo : Undead Bat/YouTube

“Final Fantasy XV” was designed to be the first in the series to not delve into the story within the game. Square Enix produced an animated series and an animated movie to cover the story of the said game. This time, “Final Fantasy XV” instead boasts of more gaming experience as it focuses on gameplay and combat.

The realm of “Final Fantasy XV” hides countless various side quests that Noctis, Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis can take on. Encompassing a road trip complete with camping, fishing, photography, and cooking, there are other tough and dark things to look out for as well. There are several high-level formidable daemons, which is what they call the monsters in “Final Fantasy XV” and they roam around, sometimes in hiding, waiting to pounce out for an attack.

Midgardsormr Outside The Waterfalls In Callatein’s Plunge

Just outside the Greyshire Glacial Grotto in the Callatein’s Plunge, the waterfalls in the Cliegne region, the deadly Midgardsormr lies in hiding. It is actually buried within the grounds just in the center of the pathway towards the Greyshire Glacial Grotto. At first, it only appears when Noctis approaches it or accidentally steps on it especially in the dark.

Midgardsormr likes to spring surprise attacks in the dark especially when Noctis has yet to defeat it for the first time. For a normal daemon lying about only in a certain place, this serpent actually packs a punch and quite annoyingly difficult to defeat. Aside from its attacks that can put a toll on the party’s health points as well as the number of potions in the party’s inventory, Midgardsormr also attracts other daemons that though small fries but come in disturbing numbers.

Midgardsormr is a level 54 daemon that has 146,000 HP and 22,770 strength points. It is resistant to Alterna and Stop but placing the Death spell on it has no effect at all. Aside from its powerful attacks, this beast can inflict Poison on the party members.

The only ways to beat Midgardormr is to pummel it with physical attacks and lots of ice and fire spells as it is weak to these. If there are other minor daemons around, make sure to focus the party’s attacks on them to eliminate the pests while evading attacks from Midgardsormr. Noctis can also parry attacks from the said beast, which should be maximized as Noctis usually lands a huge damage on it after the parry.

Keep in mind to stay away from it especially from its tail because it uses an attack wherein it slowly wraps around one character wherein it is difficult to wriggle or jump out from. Make sure to have as many potions and Phoenix Down as possible. Defeating a normal Midgardsormr gives the party 1,404 EXP and drops Midgardsormr Shank, Greatsnake Scale, Greatsnake Crest, and event Fire spells.

Midgardsormr in “Serpent of Risorath Basin” Quest

This is a high-level hunting quest called "Serpent of Risorath Basin" that requires a Hunter’s Rank of 7. The quest can be activated in the Meldacio Hunter HQ outpost in the Cleigne region located just under a huge rock along the road that leads to The Vesperpool. This hunting side quest can be carried out anytime.

Unlike the normal level 54 Midgardsormr, the beast in this hunt has higher levels in attack, strength, and even health. This Midgarsormr has 205,700 HP with a strength of 30,410. But just like any normal Midgardsormr, it is also weak to ice and fire attacks, resistant to Stop and Alterna, and immune to Death.

Just follow the above mentioned tips to complete this quest but be prepared for a longer fight. Completing this quest gives the party 4 Stars for the Hunter’s Rank, Mega Phoenix, and 15,690 gil. Of course, defeating the beast gives the party 1,404 experience points along with the usual item drops.

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