Overwatch Update: Two Heroes To Be Revealed As A Couple On Valentine's?

It is not uncommon for Overwatch fans to ship their favorite heroes together resulting in unusual pairings. However, some recently leaked voice clips suggest that there is something going between these two heroes which no one sees coming.

A Reddit user named akhanubis recently posted on the Overwatch subreddit what appeared to be voice recordings of Genji, Hanzo, and Mercy. Although there's no telling what particular event those clips belong to. The three voice clips were very short but enough to make fans swoon, especially those who are pushing the Genji - Mercy pairing. In the first clip, Genji was talking to his brother Hanzo asking if the latter has some Swiss chocolates to which Hanzo replied that those were Genji's amusement and not his.

In the next clip, Mercy was offering Genji some chocolate, stressing that they are Swiss chocolates which delighted the cyborg to no end. Then on the third clip, Genji returns the favor but he was sorry that they were not Swiss chocolates. Mercy was a little disappointed but she still thanked Genji for the effort.

"Gency" fans were very thrilled to finally see their dreams come true considering the fact that the two heroes have a little back story. It was Mercy who nursed Genji back to health while he gets accustomed to his cyborg body. Then, some rumors circulated last Christmas that the two were exchanging letters.

If you can remember, short comics featured the heroes and their activities during Christmas. In one frame, Genji was writing a letter while in the other frame, Mercy could be seen reading a letter.

With those voice clips, many fans are hoping that they will become a couple officially on Valentine's Day but Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan confirmed earlier that no such thing is going to happen. Nevertheless, we are still hopeful that a miracle will happen on the day of hearts.

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