Xbox Vs PS4 2017 Showdown: 3 Things They Need To Do To Win

It's just the beginning month of 2017 but the console war is raging. Sony is ahead in the pack with its PS4 Pro. However, Xbox is getting the game industry excited with its upcoming Project Scorpio. Then, there's also Nintendo intent on getting back its lost glory with the Switch. So who will win this year - PlayStation or Xbox? Here are three things each of them need to do if they really want to capture the market.

What Xbox Needs to Do?

Last year was a good time for Microsoft but there are big letdowns as well, especially with the cancellation and delays of their exclusives, such as Scalebound and Cuphead. If they don't want the Sony team to get way ahead of them, here are three things they need to do.

Better Third Party Deals

Microsoft had some good third-party collaborations with big-name developers last year like EA and Bethesda where they offered third party games as bundles to their Xbox consoles. They should continue collaborating with third-party devs such as these ones and make better deals if they really want to get ahead of Sony and while waiting for the Project Scorpio release.

Project Scorpio Has To Deliver

There are already a lot of surrounding the Project Scorpio. This puts a lot of pressure on Microsoft to really deliver and meet the expectations of their fans, such as a stellar 4K performance. If they are not able to do that, they are in danger of doing a No Man's Sky.

Games With Gold

This is one of Xbox's strongest weapons against the PS4. Their Games with gold deals will continue to attract fans and prospective fans, especially with a stronger and better lineup every month.

What the PS4 Needs To Do?

PlayStation might have edged Xbox this year with the release of the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. However, there's no time to rest on its laurels with the Project Scorpio coming soon this year. In order to keep their edge, here's what the Sony team should do.

Push The PS4 Pro More

The PS4 Pro is the flagship console of Sony right now and they should focus more on aggressively marketing it. Instead of making the Pro some sort of a toss up, Sony should encourage developers to really utilize the power of the PS4 Pro and make it the go-to console rather than just an option.

Push The PSVR More

That means more support for the PSVR. At the moment, Sony's position is way much better than its competition but they need to be more aggressive to maintain that position. Sony has to show everyone that this new technology is a need rather than a want through a robust support system.

A Crossover Like Nintendo

Sony should emulate Nintendo in how it turned itself around with Super Mario and Pokemon. Nintendo managed to put themselves in the spotlight for the whole of 2016 with the 20th anniversary of Pokemon. Sony, teaming up with Square Enix, have an opportunity to do the same with a Kingdom Hearts anniversary event.

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