Chinese Humanoid Jia Jia Could Lead To Futuristic Cyborg Labor

Deemed as the first human-like robot in Shanghai, the Chinese humanoid Jia Jia has recently impressed the public during the conference at Shanghai where "she" was presented. The much realistic humanoid is predicted by her inventor to be the model for possible production of labor cyborgs in the future.

China is advancing the creation of robotics with the first Chinese life-like humanoid Jia Jia which was presented to the public on Monday, Jan. 9 at the economic conference sponsored by the banking giant UBS. The humanoid reportedly can have simple and limited conversation which was demonstrated in the conference in Shanghai. Unveiled in April of 2016, the robot also showed other surprising abilities like making facial expressions as answers to various questions.

The Chinese humanoid Jia Jia was presented by her creator Chen Xiaoping who revealed that the robot was only his prototype. Following the success of his creation Chen predicted that artificially intelligent robots based on Jia Jia will be produced in 10 years or so and will perform tasks in Chinese restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes and households. "In 5-10 years there will be a lot of applications for robots in China," Chen said as noted by Physics.Org.

The Chinese humanoid Jia Jia was created by a team robotic engineers of the University of Science and Technology of Chin. The team molded the robot with perfect resemblance to humans and a sense to think for it to respond to simple situations. Chen revealed that they have placed great progress over the robot for the past two years in developing the artificial intelligence.

The Chinese humanoid Jia Jia answers accurately to questions about the weather, hold simple conversations and can recognize genders of people that it is interacting with. Furthermore, previous reports noted that Jia Jia can also learn new skills  Although Jia Jia amazed the participants of the conference with its almost natural eye-blinking and other motions, the robot still does not level to the Professor Einstein robot of Hanson Robotics. The later reportedly can portray realistic facial expressions, but the main attraction to this humanoid is its ability to engage in informative conversations, delivering lessons in science and math.

Jia Jia may not be in that level yet, but Chen says he can see a bright future in China's robotics using his prototype as a base model. He also comforts the pessimists who fear that robots like the Chinese humanoid Jia Jia will soon outshine humans saying (via Daily Mail Online), "As long as this is done in a step-by-step and controlled manner, I don't think there will be a big impact on society. It won't harm human beings."

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