Real UFO Video Of A Mothership And Smaller Mysterious Aircraft Recorded In England

An alleged real UFO video recorded by a young lad in the Isle of Wight in England is arousing a lot of curiosity among countless alien hunters. According to the witness, a mysterious, large aircraft with shimmering lights was hovering over the island which later joined a smaller aircraft.

A footage taken by the 22-year-old James Ward is sparking interest among alien hunters and UFO enthusiasts. The video is said to feature a mysterious, large aircraft beaming a light as it flies over the southeast coast of the Isle of Wight. These video then sparked debates on different UFO forums where most enthusiasts believe they saw a supposed UFO mothership and an approaching aircraft.

As exposed by the Isle of Wight Radio, the supposed real UFO video footage is an evidence of the long-time claim that a form of alien life is harboring the shores of the island. From the video, it can also be seen that the large UFO has been dropping smaller craft to the atmosphere, alarming some groups that an alien invasion might already be underway.

Following these scenes, UFO hunters are claiming that the new footage shows that a UFO mother aircraft is sending out signals through lights to retrieve the smaller crafts it dropped earlier. This alleged real UFO video evidence was later sent by a reader of the report to Mirror Online which said that the smaller crafts are actually boarding the larger one.

The said video consists of two parts which are reportedly taken on Jan. 2 around 9 p.m. Ward said he was then sitting in his car near the lake when he noticed the UFO and took a video of it. According to him, the UFO has been flashing lights of different colors and after a little while, a smaller craft with white light approached it. "I was mesmerized by it. I was sat watching and just couldn't believe my eyes," Ward then told the local radio news. "I saw a flash and managed to get my phone out and take some pictures and videos. It was surreal."

He also revealed that he did not realize that it might be a UFO he was recording until he came to review the footage. He zoomed in the footage and by studying it, he said he came up with the conclusion that the lights he saw were signals and the crafts might be non-Earth entities. He said that he also checked into the local radar and flight data yet found no information that can support the mysterious sighting.

This incident is not the first time that a UFO sighting was reported in the Isle of Wight. Several reports from 2016 and 2012 claim that an UFOs have been hovering the area. The island has then been known to be a hot spot for mysterious activities where real UFO video footages were reportedly recorded.

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