Xbox's Major Nelson Starts Countdown To E3 2017

Sure the comic book movie fans have their annual Comic-Con in San Diego every week, but gamers are always looking forward to the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) where they get to have a look at the newest upcoming games for this year and the next. "The Xbox Guy" Major Nelson a.k.a. Larry Hryb has started early with the hype, and has started the countdown for E3 this June.

The Countdown

Hryb had started the countdown with 159 days to go, and E3 2017 is said to be held this coming June 13 to June 17. With his reputation with Xbox, it is possible that Major Nelson is prepping gamers for something big to come out from Microsoft. Some guess that it could be Xbox's Project Scorpio.

The Xbox One Scorpio

Gaming Bolt guesses that the countdown may be for Microsoft unveiling of the Xbox One Scorpio, which boasts to be a console with the processing power capable of playing games in 4K resolution. With the lukewarm reception that Sony received with the PS4 Pro, it is possible that Microsoft has found the Scorpio at a fantastic advantage. Will the Xbox Scorio eventually come out on top?

4K resolution has usually been the deciding factor when it comes to choosing between consoles and PCs. For years, PC gamers have dubbed themselves as a "master race" online and have been poking fun at all the "peasants" that have opted to play their games in consoles like the Xbox One and PS4.

With the Xbox Scorpio, it is possible that the console gamers have found their champion when it comes to the fight between which platform is better - good news for the Xbox players at least. It is even been rumored that Microsoft is ending its console lineup with the Scorpio.

As of now, fans are just awaiting the release of the Xbox One Scorpio, but they can expect an update by the time E3 2017 kicks in on June 13.

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