A Closer Look On Samsung Galaxy S8's Own Virtual Assistant, Here's What Bixby Can Do

Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked one of its most interesting features -a virtual assistant called Bixby. Previous versions of the Galaxy S utilized the Google Now feature but this time, the company aims to be in league with Apple, which is popular for its virtual assistant Siri. Samsung was not planning to release details about its new virtual assistant but the company accidentally did when it posted images on its site.

Samsung's Bixby

With the latest information that Samsung will introduce Bixby in Galaxy S8, the next biggest question is the function of this virtual assistant. The company revealed that Bixby will support Samsung Pay. This means that users can give orders to Bixby to send money to their contacts.

Viv, the developer behind Bixby, was acquired by Samsung months ago. This new technology is set to rival Siri and it has the potential to do so since the people behind it are the same individuals who developed Siri.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Based on a BGR report, there is a great possibility that Samsung will introduce Bixby in its new flagship phone. Since the Galaxy S8 is the next phone due for release, one of the main attractions of this device could be the new virtual assistant Bixby.

Aside from that, there are speculations that this flagship phone will run on Android Nougat. Despite these new developments, there is no official information about the Galaxy S8 and the release date for the device. There is still so much controversy surrounding the product although there are rumors that it will be shipped out starting in April.

As of the moment, little is known about how Bixby will work aside from its integration with Samsung Pay. Needless to say, consumers are looking forward to the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and the new features that Samsung added to its next flagship phone.

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