LG G6 To Feature High Resolution And Ultra-wide Display

LG has unveiled all the details on an impressive new 5.7-inch QHD display that's likely coming to the G6. The company has also confirmed that the G6 won't support modules. But it will be coming soon and is likely to have an overhauled design. The LG G5 was revealed in February 2016 and released in April, while the LG G4 also landed in April, so April 2017 seems a good bet for the LG G6. We've also heard from LG itself that the G6 will be launch "in the very near future."

LG G6 Will Flaunt A Unique Screen

LG Display has confirmed that the upcoming G6 will sport a 5.7-inch Quad HD LCD screen with a super-wide ratio of 18:9. According to a source, the new display panel will be dubbed QHD+ and "represents LG Display's approach on how displays should evolve." The new screen will also use LG's in-Touch technology, which gets rid of the typical touch cover glass to make finger touches that bit more accurate and also more responsive. The module is also incredibly thin at just 1mm, which could mean bigger components can be fitted behind it, such as a battery, though it also allows the bezels to be thinner than before.

The display will come in 1,440 by 2,880 pixels, a bit more than a standard Quad HD screen. LG says it'll be thinner than before. LG says left and right bezels will be reduced by 0.54mm, while the top will shrink by 0.2mm, to suggest the majority of the front of the G6 will be taken up by the screen. Visibility in sunlight is also said to be increased by 10 percent, on the other hand, power consumption is down 30 percent, well hopefully though whatever battery is fitted to the G6 will last that bit longer.

LG G6 Availability

LG is set to announce the G6 at Mobile World Congress at the end of February, and the latest leaks suggest it'll release the phone in Korea on March 10. That could allow LG to beat Samsung's Galaxy S8 to the shelves as well Apple's upcoming iPhone 8.


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