NBA 2K17 New Working Locker Codes For 2017

The year 2017 is filled with lots of game releases and gamers should expect that there will be more NBA 2K17 locker codes coming. Since all of the previous locker codes have already expired, there will be more codes coming to the game. As of now, there is only one card that is active and is available, however it is still worthy of redeeming.

It was late last week that NBA 2K17 tweeted about the official locker code for the Golden State Warriors main man Draymond Green. The code assigned to him is DRAYM-FXKJE-D2TY8-WE8XT, and it has a total rating of 86. As of now, this is the first locker code that is already working. However in the coming weeks, it is expected that there will be a lot more.

A connected information said that Houston Rockets guard James Harden has recently obtained his Moments card. It followed after his masterful performance for the New York Knicks held at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. He has achieved a great performance for scoring 53 points along with 17 assists and 16 rebounds. These are the numbers that greatly contributed to him becoming the first NBA player that recorded a triple-double while scoring 50 plus points, according to The BitBag.

One way of acknowledging Harden's performance is through virtual awarding of the Amethyst Moments card. What made the card even more interesting are the Hall of Fame badges. A few of these badges include Tireless Scorer, and fans are also expecting Pick & Roll Maestro, Anklebreaker and Acrobat for upgrades.

Ruby Kevin Durant can now be downloaded in the League Packs as gamers are still waiting for the next NBA 2K17 locker codes. Further details will be posted in their Twitter account.


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