Bring Back The 90s Feel Right Now With This Fallout 4 Mod

When it comes to mods, Fallout 4 is among the best in the gaming industry. Modders of the game are simply the coolest ones to ever grace the Earth. Well, because if not, no one would have thought of this 90's-themed mod. This one here will surely bring back the feels.

The Revolted is the kind of Fallout 4 mod that makes the game appear to be not, well, Fallout 4. It basically recreates Bethesda's hit first-person shooter game to a 90's style environment. Not just the latter actually -- the characters involved, too. It covers everything from the graphics to platforming to texture.

The aforementioned Fallout 4 mod can be acquired via the terminal located in Concord Speakeasy. On it, players will have to take the role of the Overseer. They'll be in-charge of Vault 102. Their primary goal is to take back the control of it and prevent the evil Professor from doing its shenanigans.

Revolted in Fallout 4 interestingly has a bunch of features to offer. These already include the three dimensional 3D graphics, poly processing and Mono sound. Oh, it actually doesn't stop there. That's because a new kind of artificial intelligence level is expected. Of course, these are all interesting but players do know exactly what the description means.

The developer of the Fallout 4 mod also has a note to offer. That is once the completion of the mod is done, players may find their characters hot. That is thanks to the intense gameplay it offers. So, as what the modder says, it's best to "redress them before stepping back into the wastes." This one here is really a new kind of mod to enjoy. To know more about this, check out the embedded video below.

What are your thoughts on the Revolted mod in Fallout 4? Have you given it a try already? If so, how was the experience so far? Be sure to share to us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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