Cultural Differences Could Be Found In DNA

Often it is thought that common ancestry can be seen through DNA. However a new study shows something different. The new study shows that cultural differences could be found in DNA.

Ethnicity has been thought to be more a genetic trait. A study made by researchers from the University of California San Francisco shows that genetic trait might be influenced more by a group's shared culture and environment. This would show the differences more than simple genetic factor.

The DNA methylation has been the focus of the study. This DNA changes the gene expression but would still not affect gene sequencing. For the study the researchers looked into the DNA in Latino children.

In the study the researchers have found that differences between those of Mexican and Puerto Rican groups might somehow be attributed by ancestry. However, the differences in the genes have mostly been marked different experiences and environment. This shows that cultural experiences might play a role in shaping DNA.

Noah Zaitlen, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of Medicine and the co-senior author of the study. He has observed that ethnicity and genetic ancestry might be more complex than earlier realized. The study is led by Joshua Galanter, M.D., MAS and formerly was an assistant professor of Medicine but now is working with Genentech, according to Science Daily. Esteban Burchard, M.D., professor of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences also worked on the study.

Burchard has said that the study has given more understanding about race and ethnicity. This has also shown that race could be influenced by social interactions as much as genetics. Genetics and environment then play a part in making up one's race.

In medical research this might have implications as well, as Zaitlen has said that health could be have genetic as well as an environmental factor. This is because different ethnic groups would have different eating habits and diets, which could play a part in one's overall health. The research has shown that DNA such as methylation could be modified based on experiences, as Eureka Alert reportsCultural differences could be a factor in DNA. A new study has shown that cultural differences could be found in DNA. A study has also shown that a sedentary lifestyle could be imitated by kids from their parents.


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