DJI Mavic Pro Past Pre-orders Are Only Partially Cleared

Last year, DJI launched the Mavic Pro drone and while the drone itself was amazing, its entrance to the market was far from perfect. Apparently, DJI's supply of the Mavic Pro was seemingly outnumbered by the demand for it. With that, their initial promise of mid-October shipment failed to push through for a large number of their buyers. This caused frustration on the buyers end and these people took to forums and social media to rant. Needless to say, the company was eventually able to explain the situation and promised to ship all of the older Mavic Pro orders by the end of the year. With that, DJI also changed their shipment ETA for the Mavic Pro and extended it to around seven weeks from order placement.

DJI Mavic Pro Now Ships Within 7 Days After Confirmation Of Order

Now, after the holiday rush, DJI has changed the Mavic Pro's shipment schedule. If you check on the company's website, you'll see that the DJI Mavic Pro is now shipped with seven days after order confirmation. This is great news as a whole, however, the question that remains is whether or not past orders have all been thoroughly cleared before the company decided on this new shipment ETA. It's also worth asking if whether or not the un-cleared past orders are going to be prioritized over the new ones.

DJI Mavic Pro Past Orders Status

With DJI's decision to reduce the waiting time for new Mavic Pro orders, one might think that all of its past orders were already cleared. However, it looks like this isn't the case. There are still people who have been asking in different online communities about the fate of their orders. This goes to show that there are still orders that weren't cleared even as DJI changed the shipment schedule of the new orders to at most seven days.

When we first posted about this yesterday, there were a few people who shared that their Mavic Pro orders from the past months are still undelivered. It's worth noting though that these orders are mostly from Amazon and while it's not entirely fair to blame DJI for its third-party sellers' inability to ship immediately, it's just hard to rationalize how DJI was able to seemingly get a handle on things while its third-party vendors are still in a rut chasing orders. Is DJI unable to ship enough units to its partner retailers or are these retailers just fail in handling the massive orders for the Mavic Pro?

Needless to say, there are some people who actually just canceled their Amazon orders and just ordered from DJI directly. Most of these customers' complaints root from Amazon's inconsistent shipment ETA. With that said, buyers from Amazon, DJI, and other retailers hope that they will already receive their orders in no time, especially now that DJI has reduced the waiting time for new Mavic Pro orders.

Are you one of the people who pre-ordered the Mavic Pro months ago? If so, please share with us your order status through the comments area below.

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