5 Things You Need To Know About Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass Upcoming DLC

Battlefield 1's first DLC, They Shall Not Pass, will be released soon. DICE made sure that the upcoming DLC will be better than the free updates the developer has released before. But there are five things that the players need to know about the upcoming DLC pack.

The players need to know that Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass will be released in March. DICE will be announcing when is the official release date of the DLC. The Premium Pass holders will be the first group to download the update.

DICE will only announce the release date of They Shall Not Pass once Bleed Out custom game is available on Jan. 18. The developer is focusing with one update before it will reveal new features about the first paid DLC.

They Shall Not Pass DLC pack will be released depending with the timezones. If players will follow DICE's pattern with Star Wars Battlefront DLC, the players have downloaded the update depending on what platforms the players are using.

For those players who wants to buy They Shall Not Pass DLC pack of Battlefield 1, they must look for retailers who are offering the pack only. Amazon and GameStop are some of the retailers who will sell the first paid DLC.

The players are curious about what will be the features of Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC pack. As per Enstarz, the pack will be about changes in single player and multiplayer in the game. The paid update will enhance the free updates that were released in the game before.

They Shall Not Pass DLC pack will bring new army in Battlefield 1. The players will be able to witness French army's role during World War I. Also, German army might be added in the game. Furthermore, a new weapon called Chauchat will be included in the DLC.

Lastly, DICE added four new maps in Battlefield 1. However, the developer is not yet revealing any details about the new maps that will be added in the game. But some players are trying to figure out if Battle of Verdun that happened in 1916 is the inspiration of one of the maps in the game.

The players are still waiting for new announcements from DICE about Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC pack. This update will be the biggest one yet that the developer will release. Hopefully, players will appreciate the efforts of the developer in upgrading their gaming experience.

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