Pokemon Sun And Moon Latest News: Battle Season 2 Announced; Pokemon Bank Transfers Now Allowed

The first online battling for Pokemon Sun and Moon for 2017 was announced recently. Battle Season 2 for this video game will put the whole roster of the National PokeDex in online battling. Players will be allowed to involve all the Pokemon characters in this online battling. Therefore, the Pokemon Bank would need to be updated so that transfers will be possible.

Players Can Import Characters From The Pokemon Bank

With an updated Pokemon Bank, players can import characters from Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. By doing so, gamers can build their own teams using the characters they want in the National Pokedex. The Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Season 2 has rules that players need to follow. They are discussed in detail in the Global Link website of Pokemon.

Battle Season 2 of Pokemon Sun and Moon will run from Jan. 17, 2017 to March 19, 2017. One of the rules that players must follow in joining this online battling is that every team will only be allowed to have one Legendary/Mythical Pokemon. But there are no restrictions for the Ultra Beasts and the Tapus. This rule will be effective on the game's Battle Spot for Single, Double and Rating Battles.

Here Are Some Battle Season 2 Rules In Pokemon Sun And Moon

For single battles of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the eligible Pokemon are those from number 0.001 up to 801. A player is allowed to use a minimum of three and a maximum of six Pokemon. The Pokemon used in the battle will automatically be set to level 50. A player can register one of the 37 Pokemon available for this battle. They include Necrozma, Mewtwo, Magearna among others.

It appears that Game Freak will be updating the Pokemon Bank before the Pokemon Sun and Moon Battle Season 2 begins on Jan. 17. With the end of the online battling set on March 19, the game developer still has ample time left to prepare and tweak the system before the online battling starts.

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