Final Fantasy XV Guide: How You Can Successfully Pass Through The Crestholm Channels

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There are many complicated tunnels that are difficult to traverse and pass through in Final Fantasy XV. One of them is the Crestholm Channels. Although it is one of the optional dungeons in the video game, it is worth your while to complete this challenge since you will get high EXP when you finish it.

In Final Fantasy XV, this dungeon is the territory of the Jormungand boss. But before you encounter this dragon, you need to face and get rid of the Nagarami boss who is at level 49. In this guide, let as assume that you have already found this dungeon and your mission now is to go through it. This dungeon has a locked gate and you need to find four panels that are scattered in its branching and circuitous routes and pass through them. Here is how you will do it.

Descend The Entrance Ladder

Find the entrance ladder and go down its steps. Once you're on level ground, walk forward until you see a stairway on your left. You will see a tunnel that leads to a walkway that has flowing waters on the right lower level. Go up the walkway and you will see the first panel. It looks like a silver cabinet that is located between two alcoves in Final Fantasy XV. This cabinet is equipped with a number of switches.

Continue walking until you reach the end of the walkway and turn right. Go on forward until you reach a large tunnel. Turn right and then right again, and another right and you'll find a large waterway. Go to its end point where there are four tunnels across a guard rail. Jump over the rail and go to the third one on the left. Go to this path and you will see a panel on the right.

Go down the walkway and you will find a ladder. Use it to go down, then turn right and continue walking until you reach the end, and then turn left. There is a stair right beside the waterfall. Climb this ladder and walk the path until you reach a water-filled room on your left. You will find a panel on the walkway outside of the room.

Return To Where You Came From In Final Fantasy XV

Go back to where you came from and continue walking down until you reach a big hole. Jump down this hole and upon landing, get out of the chamber and continue walking until you reach a big octagonal room. There is no way out here but down the bottom. Go down, and you will encounter Nagarami. She can turn your comrades into toads, so equip yourself with Moon Pendants for protection.

Then continue walking until you reach a different level of the chamber. Get out of the chamber and go into a big room. On its wall is a closed sluice gate. When you hit the switches, this gate will open. Go on walking until you reach an octagonal room. Go up the ladder and look for the last switch. There is a door that serves as an entrance. When you hit all the four switches, the sluice gate will open.

You Have To Kill Jormungrand

In Final Fantasy XV you will find Jormungrand, the fire-breathing dragon, at the bottom. You need to defeat this boss but it will be difficult. He is afraid of ice so use your ice spells together with the Enhancement of Ignis and you will inflict heavy damage to this dragon. This dragon can also rain fire on your party so it is best to use fire resistant accessories.

If you see the dragon breathing fire on you, use the Point-Warp movement. Then return and heal your comrades who were hurt. Once you are able to kill Jormungrand, you have completed your Crestholm Channels side quest in Final Fantasy XV. Upon completing this mission, you will get your reward of 8,000 EXP.

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