Clash of Clans Latest News: 2X Star Bonus Event Opens; Specific Dates And Times; Major Troop Discounts For Golem Coming Soon

It seems that Supercell is hyping Clash of Clans to its avid fans. A new event has already gone live that brings 2X Star Bonus to the video game. In this event, gamers can fill up their treasure chests faster by initiating more attacks. This event follows right after the Dragon Event last week. Once this event is completed, it is expected that there will be a considerable troop discount on Golems this weekend.

Rewards Will Be 2 Times The Loot

According to the events tab of Clash of Clans, the awards that will be given for victorious players in multiplayer matches will be 2 times the Treasury loot. Based on the events that were conducted last week, this promotion might also go on until Friday. On the following day, Saturday, there will be another unspecified Golem event.

This Clash of Clans 2X Star Bonus event will go on for three days and will end on Jan. 12. It seems that gamers are now busy raiding the treasury. This event offers players enough time to take advantage of what Supercell is offering. The extra loot that they will get will give them the opportunity to fortify their defenses and get their builders working.

No Need To Worry About Strategies In This Clash Of Clans Gaming Event

In this event, gamers of Clash of Clans need not worry about strategies and tricks. They only need to get themselves in a winning position as often as possible. Star Bonus events are mostly dependent on a player's league. Therefore, those who are in the upper levels have the most chances of winning, regardless of what tricks and strategies they use.

What players need to be concerned about is what happens after the game. Even if a player gets the most loot, if he is not able to manage it well, he will still be stuck on square one. So, gamers are advised not to waste their loot, unless they only have a few options. It is wiser to keep on strengthening the troops with the stored Elixir, and build new defenses to continue the improvement.

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