iPhone 8 News: New Patent Confirms Possible 'Edge-To-Edge' Screen, Is It Going After Mi Mix?

A new patent has been released recently and it might be something that the fruit company is working on the upcoming iPhone 8 model. The patent speaks about electronic devices having displays with openings. This describes a method by which various small components could be embedded behind the device's screen and would not be visible to the human eye. This will allow the engineers to design a smartphone or a tablet with edge-to-edge display.

What Features Does iPhone 8 Possess?

The company has recently reported that the smartphone would feature a large central display along with sensors and physical controls that would be located on the devices chin and forehead. Some of the components like the selfie camera, light sensor as well as the proximity sensor can be made hidden below the cover glass. Other important elements such as the ear speaker and the home button needs be remained unhindered access to the user, especially when accessing apple's Touch ID, the space required for these parts are to be cut-out of the front surface.

As new smartphones are coming up and so does the need for much compact designs for them. To compete with the other designs, Apple thus decided to move essential components behind the active or light emitting area of incorporated displays. Apple prefers to put up OLED technology which has a self-illumination display over the traditional LCD structures that rewired backlight and filter layers.

The biggest question here would be, Is Apple planning to go after Mi Mix, which has recently been unveiled with an edgeless display? The smartphone has thin bezels on the top and bottom making it look borderless. Although Apple stands todays as a company that other company tries to emulate, it is but important to note that for quite a while it has not been able to pioneer something with regards to a device aesthetics. Whether the concept would focus completely on this or Apple has something new for its users, is yet to be answered.

What Does Future Holds?

The company reports that the technology might power a heads up display system. If this technology would be implemented into a future iPhone, then the window based HUD would be Apple's first step into augmented reality.


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