Volvo Taking Up Real Families To Test Its Self-Driven Cars

Volvo has recently collaborated with private and the pubic allies to test its self-driven cars with real family members. Most of the people must have pictured such cars being driven by engineers and professionals at an initial stage but the company had decided to do something different this year to give its technology much more surety by testing them with real families.

What Has Volvo Thought Of?

The Hain's family is one such ordinary family of Gothenburg, Sweden. The four-person household family has decided to help Volvo how non-engineers would deal with the self-driving technology that they had developed. The company wanted to note down all the reactions and feedback coming from the ordinary people and what are their views behind the technology.

The Drive Me Project

The Hain family will be an important part of the "Drive Me Project". The project is basically based on large scale driving test based in Gothenburg. Volvo is planning to make its dream of launching the self-driven car by 2021 without a hitch. But this will take a lot of effort and the company have already begun its journey to make that true. The biggest step taken so far has been the involvement of actual passengers so that they can provide actual feedback just like real people from their point of view. Like how would they react when the car switches between the manual and autonomous mode? What they do at times when they are not on the wheel? And the most important of them all, how comfortable are they with this new technology?

Future Aspects

These questions are what needed to be answered, which would help the company upgrade its technology according to the environment and the user's feedback. The main focus here is to consider all the aspects of the person behind the wheel and also the others who would be present in the car.

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