Hearthstone Guide: Find Out The Best Cards To Use For Each Class

Hearthstone fans are happy with what Blizzard has done with standard cards. However, they are still creating their powerful decks in order to defeat their opponents. But lucky for them, there are some players who like to share what they know about the powerful and useful cards in the game.

Players are still experimenting with Hearthstone cards. According to US Gamer, in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, the players can use the Priest card in their decks. The card made their attacks more effective compared to not using it.

Also, the one-mana Pint-sized potion spell card in Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is useful when the minions are attacking because it will diminish their attack by three. If it will be combined with Shadow Word, all the minions will be destroyed.

The Jade Druid in Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is considered as a powerful card in Druid deck because of its ability to manipulate mana crystal. As per Paste Magazine, the players must remember that the card is only summoned when the players use minions and spells.

The Jade Druid can contribute to a powerful deck if the players have Jade Idol, Jade Behemoth, Jade Blossom and Jade Spirit because they can summon a Jade Golem. Next, the players can use Secrets under the Hunter deck.

In the Hunter deck, the players can use different cards of spells that can attack any minion and enemy that will be wiped out in Hearthstone. Aside from Secrets, the players can also use Explosive Trap, Freezing Trap and Snipe.

Under the Mage deck is the Freeze Mage. This card makes the players deck the dominant one during a battle in Hearthstone. However, the mage cards depend on spell cards and neutral cards that are very essential for the players.

The last deck that players need to consider in their deck is Midrange that belongs in the Shaman deck. The card is the hardest one to use. But if the players have mastered the card, this will give them a huge advantage during a match.

Hearthstone fans are determining what type of cards can help them create the most powerful deck. Everyone of the players wants to compete and of course, losing is not an option for them. Hopefully, this guide will help them find the perfect card for their decks.

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