Apple iOS 11 Rumors: Circular App Icons, iPhone-To-iPhone Charging And More Concepts

>Apple just introduced the iOS 10 but consumers are already trying to predict the changes in the iOS 11, which is rumored to be in the iPhone 8. There is no official word if Apple is going to roll out a new operating system in this year's WWDC event although there are rumors that the iOS 11 could have awesome features.

iOS 11 Concepts

The hottest news about the iOS 11 is the circular apps, a feature similar to that of the Apple Watch. This interface known as the Circle UI has been redesigned to make it work for the iPhone 8. Based on rumors, this interface is great for the current iPhone. However, with phones without the bezel and with an edge-to-edge display, it might not be the best fit for this kind of device. If iPhone 8 rumors are to be believed, Apple might need to make modifications to make this operating system work for the device.

There are differing opinions on whether this design will work. As of now, this is just a concept and as pointed out by WCCF Tech, Apple might not go with the same concept it incorporated for the Apple Watch.

Share Battery Life

Aside from having an interface that is pretty similar to the Apple Watch, the iOS 11 will have something quite amazing, the ability to share battery life from one iPhone to another. There were prior rumors that the iPhone 8 phone will feature a long-distance charging technology that will allow the device to charge from 15 feet away.

The new concept for the iOS 11 is quite similar to this. However, there are also key differences. Instead of connecting to a transmitter, the user's phone can recharge by connecting to a friend's device. This allows battery life sharing between iPhone users.

Additional Features

Aside from the features above, the iOS 11 will also allow users to look for apps quickly as reported in Value Walk. Users can do this by scribbling alphabets on the phone's screen. The concept also improves the phone's accessibility by making it smaller to improve reachability. Despite these reports, it should be noted that these iOS 11 concepts are still rumors and there is no official word from Apple yet.

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