Watch Out! Hawaii’s Huge Land Area Has Just Collapsed Into The Ocean, Could This Be Caused By Global Warming? Details Inside

What was meant for a holiday trip has become the worst nightmare of certain people visiting Hawaii. Over the New Year, a certain group of tourists had recently had a lucky escape after they allegedly missed the huge collapse of Hawaii's famous Kamokunalava delta sea cliff in a span of just 15 minutes. It was found that almost twenty-six acres of the island, which is a delta formed by the flow of lava from a certain active volcano within the area, has fallen into the ocean. Consequently, the huge and horrifying incident has then been noted to have created colossal waves that eroded and washed away some parts of the sea cliff that is believed to have been present for a long time, and sent plumes of rock and steam into the sky.

Hawaii's Huge Land Area Has Just Collapsed Into The Ocean

According to reports revealed by Science Alert, it was found that the Kamokunalava delta including the air space 1,000 feet (304 meters) above the sea cliff has now been temporarily closed, as the US National Park Service secures the region and conducts further investigation. In one of their statements, park superintendent Cindy Orlando has revealed that the good thing was, there were no aircraft or boats reported in the area at the time of the collapse, nor were any visitors on the delta itself, which is now closed for public safety.

Furthermore, as per Daily Mail, Travis Delimont, the ranger on duty, has added that the collapsing incident was a really close brush with death for them. Authorities have also been found to have warned the public that lava deltas are indeed extremely dangerous volcanic features, since they are formed when lava enters the ocean and builds new land on loose and is then creating an unstable substrate. Ultimately, although authorities may have claimed that it was pretty incredible, they have highly emphasized that for the meantime, it's best that we enjoy the raging natural beauty from behind the safety of our computers until the area's stable again.


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