‘Nioh’ New Trailer Shows More Story; Introduces New Female Ally Okatsu

Koei Tecmo has dropped a new trailer for the upcoming samurai video game titled, “Nioh” and this time it has finally highlighted one of the main characters. The female ninja has already been revealed before and now the trailer introduces more details about her.

Koei Tecmo’s new teaser trailer for “Nioh” has introduced the female ninja, otherwise referred to as Kunoichi, to be named Okatsu. She was first shown in the game partnered with a spirit deity in a form of a rabbit. In the new trailer, it has been divulged that she is actually one of William’s allies.

The new trailer shows more of the scene that was teased in previous trailers and showed Okatsu showing up before William at night. William, who is lost in thought comes face to face to a female ninja who wonders why there’s a blonde samurai wandering around, which is actually a rare sight in the early days of Japan. The scene showcased a rather funny dialogue between Okatsu and William.

William confronts the mysterious Okatsu asking her who she is and Okatsu suddenly speaks in English, which has the realistic Japanese accent, and tells him that she dislikes the company of a drunk samurai. William then corrects Okatsu, telling her that he is no samurai. Okatsu then asks him what kind of drunk he is then before she fled off, which left William pondering more that night.

“Nioh” is an upcoming action role-playing video game set in a world of samurais during the 1600s in Japan with a blonde Western samurai named William being the main protagonist of the video game. “Nioh” will be exclusively available in PlayStation 4 and two worldwide beta tests were held, which delayed the official release of the game to make adjustments based on the feedback by beta testers. The video game developed by Team Ninja will be released in North America on Feb. 7 this year.

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