‘Dissidia Final Fantasy' New Character Is Not Noctis; Square Enix Adds Kuja From 'Final Fantasy IX'

‘Dissidia Final Fantasy' Adds New Character Kuja From 'Final Fantasy IX'
Square Enix has revealed that Kuja will be the new character joining "Dissdia Final Fantasy" arcade version. Read on about him and his skills. Photo : Square Enix Channel (スクウェア・エニックス )/YouTube

Square Enix has finally announced its newest character that will be part of the roster of playable characters in “Dissidia Final Fantasy”. The announcement of the new character came out together with a trailer revealing that Kuja from “Final Fantasy IX” has been added.

Square Enix Reveals Kuja As New Character In “Dissidia Final Fantasy” Arcade

Just a couple of days after the New Year kicked in, Square Enix has announced that they would be unveiling a new character for “Dissidia Final Fantasy” on Jan. 10 that will be joining the lineup. Fulfilling their promise, Square Enix has finally just announced that Kuja will be joining the characters in the arcade version of the said video game. Kuja is popularly known as an antagonist from the “Final Fantasy IX” role-playing video game.

Fair enough, the trailer that Square Enix has just dropped introducing Kuja to “Dissidia Final Fantasy” showcased him battling against his archenemy Zidane, the main protagonist of “Final Fantasy IX”, in a battle arena set in Alexandria, a city in the “FFIX” game. It also featured Kuja’s set of skills and has made it clear that Kuja will be part of the Chaos’s team of powerful villains, coming from various “Final Fantasy” installments. Kuja is one of the characters that have been released through updates, which included Garland, Kain Highwind, Kefka Palazzo, Sephiroth, Ramza Beoulve, and Ace.

Many have been anticipating that the latest character to join “Dissidia Final Fantasy” is Prince Noctis from the new “Final Fantasy XV” video game since he has been quite popular in the gaming industry for some time now. Though it may not be Noctis, fans might just see him in the said arcade game soon as he is also the main protagonist of a “Final Fantasy” game. It would be so great to see him wielding his Royal Arms weapons and unleashing his powerful limit break called Armiger.

Who Is Kuja From “Final Fantasy IX”?

Square Enix has described Kuja as a sadistic and narcissistic character that dons a silver long hair and a delicate and indeterminate beauty. Kuja is garbed in the usual clothes he wore when he was introduced in “Final Fantasy IX”, wherein his famous cropped top reveals a fair great amount of his frontal features. Despite his deceiving great looks, Kuja is actually a formidable foe being the main villain in one of the popular “Final Fantasy” series.

Kuja is a genome just like Zidane and was the first one created with a soul. Garland created him with the mindset of making Kuja an angel of death. Kuja and Zidane’s pasts are intertwined and have been the source of the long journey and plot that “Final Fantasy IX” was set on. In the world of "Dissidia", Kuja does not get along well with his teammates and looks down on them as he tries to prove his superiority over them.

Graceful yet deadly, Kuja does not wield any weapon but instead weaves powerful spells in his battles. His skill sets in both “Dissidia Final Fantasy” and “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy” cover both ground and midair attacks. Based on the trailer, Kuja will still have spells that bursts of holy and flares. His powerful attack called Ultima will also be in the arcade version as shown in the trailer.

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