Why The M8S Pro TV Box (Android 6.0) Is A Must-Have Device

The M8S PRO TV Box is a multimedia center which enables you to have the absolutely best and most versatile home media experience. It features 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB of ROM, runs on Android 6.0.1, and has a dual-band Wifi connectivity and Bluetooth.


The M8S Pro's design is identical to the MS8. On top, you will find its brand name and model name. Up front is a blue LED light. On the right side is a slot dedicated for an SD card which you can also easily install as an internal storage because the device runs on Android 6.0.1. One more thing, the M8S Pro only features 8 GB of internal storage, so you will definitely need install one because its operating system alone will only live you around 4 GB of storage.

On the other end of the device (opposite to the front), the port for the power adapter and the optical audio is located. Now, according to the video source the DTS sound and Dolby Digital sound works really well with the device. Aside from the power adaptor and optical audio port, there is also the AV out, network adapter, the HDMI, and some USB ports.

Internet Speed

Internet speed may vary from what speed your internet provider is giving you. But the M8S will make your internet speed a bit more pleasant. Even on the 2.4 GHz Wifi networks, it is able to get some downloading speeds.

Watching Videos

On the launch screen, you will find the Navigation Bar and you must be mindful of one thing. Well, in case that you hid the Navigation Bar, you won't be able to bring it back up again. To return it, you must unplug the box and plug it back in to bring the Navigation Bar back.

Now to the watching of videos. You can change the display resolution of your screen depending on the TV you have connected it with. For its Add-on Videos, it quickly starts up right after clicking it. And for playing videos from your USB stick, it supports almost any format file and also plays right away as soon as you click on it. Even 4k videos running on 59@fps plays smoothly.


Opening multiple apps is something we do without realizing it. And before you know it, you've already opened 10 apps, it's getting lag or freezing and you don't know which app to close because everything seems important.

Well, with the M8S Pro, you won't have to worry. All apps continue to work in the background without causing any problems. You can open any app and it will function right away. The only problem is that with the Play Store, it will have to reload. Also, another annoying thing about the Play Store is that you will need to click the OK button every time you use it.

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