Get These 10 paid iPhone Apps For Free Before Its Too Late!

Stickman Basketball 2017
Apple is giving away 10 normally paid iPhone apps in celebration for its 10th anniversary of the iPhone for a limited time only. One of the free apps is the Stickman Basketball 2017 which is truly a free-to-play and enjoyable game. Photo : djinnworks/YouTube

Last January 9, 2017 was the mark of Apple's 10th iPhone anniversary. And to celebrate it and show gratitude to Apple fans and tech enthusiasts, the giant company is giving away 10 normally paid iPhone apps. But beware, Apple has not mentioned when will these 10 iPhone apps revert back to its original state, which means that these awesome offers could go away any minute.

Runstastic Pro

This app costs $4.99. It also has a premium version: $9.99 a month and $49.99 (price may vary by location). Regarding its premium version price, there are no reports claiming if this will also be free. So, you may have to check it for yourself.

What this app does is it tracks your fitness activities (distance, time, speed, elevation, calories burned, and many more) such as walking, biking jogging, and running with the use of a GPS. It is also compatible with the Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad Touch - all with an iOS of 8.0 or higher.

Weather Gods

This app normally costs $1.99. Judging by its name, you have probably figure out that this is a weather app. Well, yeah, but this is not like any weather app.

The Weather Gods app skillfully integrates premium weather data into an elegant, iOS-exclusive and easy-to-use interface that will surely delight casual users and weather enthusiasts alike. Its notification system is also easy to set-up and delivers to the user the exact information they want.


This app costs $7.99. If you're into Instagram, chances are you know about the 10-second video rule in Instagram Stories and you've probably know what this app does. For the people who don't, this app lets the user post videos of any length to Instagram Stories.

Users won't have to worry anymore about squeezing their stories into a 10-second video where you had to talk really fast or sometimes end-up leaving cryptic or broken messages which can leave room for misunderstanding. This app is also a great tool for promoting your business through Instagram Stories.

On My Way

The original price of this app is $0.99. Are you a parent or a spouse that would like to track you family member's location? Well, look no further, because this is the app for you. The On My Way app is an incredible real-time GPS location tracker app.


Normally, this cost $6.99. This app talks MIDI to your Mac and Windows PC with the use of the standard USB to lightning or 30-pin cable. Users will no longer be forced to rely on wifi-packets or any external hardware to communicate MIDI data between a Mac/PC and an iOS device.

Backup Contacts

The price tag of this app is $0.99. Yup, based from its name it manages the contact list on you iPhone. Its key features are backup contacts, share backup files, restore contacts, merge duplicate contacts, delete multiple contacts, and share contacts.

Stickman Basketball 2017

This game app costs $4.99. If you've played stickman games before, you know that most of them are a lot of fun - minus the bugs and glitches. About this app, it has a fast paced gameplay, astonishing atmosphere, smooth animation, simple and easy to use controls, insane action, and tons of replay value. And more thing, everything in this game is said to be playable without having to pay or purchase anything.

Photo Cleaner

This app costs $0.99. The Photo Cleaner is an amazing app for organizing photos and videos. It even has this feature that cleans up duplicate or similar media and media compressions.


The cost of this app is $1.99. Hate people borrowing your iPhone and snooping around you private photos and videos? Well, this app provides an easy-to-use PIN to keep those personal photos and videos on your phone secured.

Minibudget Pro

The last and final app costs $1.99. Having a hard time of keeping your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses in check? Well, this app was made for you. The Minibudget Pro is a simple and easy-to-use account book that gives you an overview of your expenses.

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