Will AMD Ryzen Arrive Before March 3?

Has AMD accidently revealed the official arrival date of Ryzen? Various internet detectives have figured out that AMD's talk which will be held at the annual Game Developer Conference (GDC) is the moment when Ryzen will finally make its appearance as an official launched product.

AMD's sponsored session at the GDC says: "Join AMD Game Engineering team members for an introduction to the recently-launched AMD Ryzen CPU followed by advanced optimization topics." The title of the session itself is called Optimizing for AMD Ryzen CPU.

We all know about Ryzen, previously referred to as Zen, which is expected to be the best chip family in a very long time. Ryzen will seemingly target markets including PC gaming, virtual reality, and e-Sports. AMD has only really shown a single 8 core and 16 thread Ryzen chip during public performance demonstrations. Ryzen hyped up everyone when it showcased its performance with the hit shooter game Battlefield 1 on an Nvidia Titan X Pascal with a frame rate that's quite similar to that of a stock i7-6900K system with its own Titan X. During this year's CES, AMD revealed 16 high-end motherboards that use the new AM4 socket and another set of pre-built PCs intended for Ryzen use.

All that's left us anticipating is the release date. The GDC this year will run from February 27, 2017 to March 3, 2017. AMD's talk does not have its exact time and date up yet. It's possible for the Ryzen CPU to pop any day during the event. However, it would be very interesting if AMD made the decision to announce the new product in the middle of both GDC and Mobile World Congress which is also happening the same week. When Ryzen finally make its appearance, we will eventually know if the hype is indeed real and worth the price.

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