DJI Mavic Pro New Shipment Schedule Now Down To Five To Seven Days

Good news for soon-to-be buyers of the DJI Mavic Pro: the drone now has a shipment ETA of five to seven business days. This is quite a leap from the Mavic Pro's shipment ETA up until the holiday season which went as far as eight weeks. If you can recall, the Mavic Pro was kind of in a hot seat after it was first sold for pre-orders. DJI set the shipment to arrive mid-October but apparently, a large number of customers weren't able to get their orders on time.

This caused commotion and constant online ranting from the customers. Needless to say, DJI eventually apologized and set the new orders' shipment to up to about seven weeks. The company also claimed to try to clear all past orders at least before the New Year, which brings in the question of whether or not they were able to fulfil that promise.

DJI Mavic Pro Change In Shipping Schedule

Right before DJI changed the shipment ETA to 5-7 days, the company first set it to 7-10 business days. It's clear that the company already got a handle on things and they no longer have a supply-to-demand dilemma. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean that all past orders have already been cleared.

Past DJI Mavic Pro Order Status

Apparently, there are still orders (mostly from third-party sellers) that remain undelivered. Most of these orders still have estimated delivery dates of February or March of 2017. Other orders also have inconsistent delivery claims and there are also some with no delivery dates at all. Our recent posts on this matter has seen quite a few comments on people's order status and it goes to show that there are still problems with the past Mavic Pro orders.

This raises the question of whether DJI has already stabilized its stocks or not. If the company is able to cater to new orders that are to be made with them directly, it's just fair to assume that DJI has already delivered enough supply to its third-party sellers. If this new shipment schedule come and pass with a number of older buyers still waiting in vain, the company would have a lot of explaining to do. DJI may not entirely be the one to blame in retailers' inability to handle past orders, but every retailer involved should at least explain to the customers the status of the orders.

If you're one of the buyers of the Mavic Pro who are still waiting for your order, please share with other consumers your order status in the comments below.

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