UFO In Arizona: Shapeshifting UFO Disguises As Clouds In Bright Daylight

A supposed shapeshifting UFO in Arizona was allegedly filmed by a motorist during the bright daylight. The footage shows a still, spherical cloud which the driver thought was a disguised UFO. As the driver was convinced that a space craft was hiding behind the clouds, he then took the recording to Youtube which sparked several theories among viewers.

UFO-hunters have always been believing that a form of alien life has been hiding above the land. The supposed UFO in Arizona which was recorded by Anthony Sakowski was said to be a reflective cloud. Sakowski who was then driving spotted the "strange" shape of the cloud, hence decided to take a video of it. He then shared the alleged phenomenon which he said he though was hiding an alien space craft which is why a luminous-like haze was being emitted around the edges of the clouds.

According to the Mirror Online, Sakowski made his post intriguing as he captioned the video with "Strange cloud hiding UFO. Reflected above." Following this, an editor of the UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring, has picked up the video and cited the UFO in Arizona as a strong proof that aliens are already among humans and are only hiding through disguises. He supported Sakowski's theory saying, "The UFO was noticed when the sun lit it up and caused a disk reflection above it on the clouds...Only a metal reflective surface could do this, and, as you see, the dark area of the cloud is the actual UFO."

Some people though are claiming it as a hoax and that the figure recorded wan only a lenticular cloud which fits the description of the alleged mysterious object - stationary and lens-shaped. Waring has however defended his belief saying that the lighter parts from the cloud formation are thin and the sun shining through it makes the UFO reflected. The metallic surface of the alleged UFO in Arizona, according to Waring, is nothing similar that's present in the sky nor the ground. Hence, he concludes that the metallic UFO hiding above the clouds is reflecting the sunrays that is hitting its surface.

Scientists then delved into the discussion saying clouds reflect the sunlight and it is what helps cool the surface of the Earth as noted by The Sun. The two shapes seen on the video are reportedly unlikely to be caused by a 'cloaked' metal surface. This is not the first time though that a lenticular clouds have been mistaken for UFOs. The MET office published a photo of a UFO-shaped clouds in 2017. People are then taking a look at the video of the UFO in Arizona to see for themselves whether the object was a natural phenomenon or an alien coming to Earth.

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