Apple Is Losing Its Best Engineers To Tesla, Mac Pro Creator Now In Elon Musk's Tech Company

Apple is starting to lose some of the best people on its team to Tesla. Apple's Switch project lead Christ Lattner was publicized first and now it has been revealed that the man behind the Mac Pro, Matt Casebolt, also decided to move to Elon Musk's company. With several key engineers deciding to switch sides, Apple needs to offer better deals to keep its key people in the company.

Employee Pirating At Apple

Tesla CEO Elon Musk once referred to Apple as the "Tesla graveyard" since many key people in the company ended up working for the tech giant. This time, however, it is the other day around. Tesla is getting more people who did remarkable things for Apple to work on its electric cars.

Just days ago, Lattner, the project lead for Apple's programming language Switch, became Tesla's Autopilot Software VP. This time, the designer for the Mac Pro will cross over to Tesla. After news broke out that Lattner will move to Tesla, there were speculations that Apple is having difficulty retaining its most talented people. Casebolt's departure will be another blow for the tech giant and this could make these rumors even stronger.

What's Next For Tesla

Tesla is currently beefing up the team of software and hardware engineers in its self-driving and electric cars. Poaching engineers from Apple could help the company bring more reliable and modern products to the market.

It should be noted that Apple and Tesla have been at war over its engineers and as of the moment, it seems that Musk is handing out a better offer than the tech giant. Given reports that Apple is downsizing its Macintosh division, it would not be surprising to see more faces from the tech company in Tesla. With the addition of these talented people in Tesla, the company could bring technology to a completely new level.

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