Aliens On Mars: Spaceship-Like Object Captured By Mars Rover

Alien hunters think they found more conclusive evidences of aliens on Mars! A spaceship-like object and what seems to be bodies of extraterrestrial beings was spotted on a photo recently captured on a Mars Rover. Meanwhile, Russian scientists believe that there is a high possibility of existence of primitive life forms on Mars.

According to UFO hunters, the spaceship was parked near an alien house 200 meters north of Sebina in Mars. The said alien house looks like a rectangular structure with four long rectangular windows while the space ship resembles a jet plane. They also spotted other possible evidences of aliens on Mars like alien statues and growing rock flower.

"You see, this is a psychological manipulation that NASA has been playing for a long time. They take photos of Mars and change that to a red color... they call it false color most of the time, or they will only show black and white photos," alien enthusiast Scott C. Waring said via UFO Sightings Daily.

On the other hand, a report from a Russian news outlet,, revealed strange objects which looks similar to a flying saucer and bodies of extraterrestrial beings. It further revealed that the bodied of the aliens are ruined. Zooming in the photos, the remains of the alien bodies could be seen -- two heads and a chest. Alien hunters also found an alien foot on a separate site.

Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) said there is a high probability that primitive life forms exist in the red planet especially in the polar regions. According to Igor Mitrofanov, head of the laboratory of cosmic gamma-ray spectroscopy of the Space Research Institute in RAS, the presence of water ice indicated there might be life on Mars.

The emissions of methane in the atmosphere of Mars would likely cause primitive lifeforms on Mars. He added that fragments of the ancient aliens on Mars (from the theory of Martian civilization destroyed by nuclear war) are more likely to be found on hard formations. These areas of Mars has a denser atmosphere and magnetic field similar to Earth.

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