Dog Talk: Scientists Finding Out The Best Way To Talk To Them

Many dog owners consider their dogs to be part of the family. Many also treat them with affection, going even to the point of talking to them. With dog talk, scientists are finding out the best way to talk to them.

Dogs are said to be man's best friend. For centuries the dog has been much a part of human history. Since it has been domesticated, the dog is very much part of many communities. Scientists are finding out that talking to dogs would not be in the same way that people would talk to each other.

For starters, people talk to a dog the way people would try to communicate with an infant. This is what scientists call as dog-directed speech. That would mean talking to a dog in a slower, more measured way.

Dog-directed speech uses sentences that are simple. That means the sentences should be basic, and not complicated at all. Dog-directed speech also means people usually talk at a pitch much higher than they would normally use when talking to people.

The study found these results after an experiment involving 30 women, according to Fox News. In the experiment, the women viewed images that consist of a puppy, an adult human and an older dog. Dog-friendly sentences were then read while viewing the pictures.

The experiment has shown that when people talk to dogs, a higher pitch is used. An even higher pitch has been observed when viewing the puppy image, as The Conversation notes. By using a higher pitch, it has been observed that puppies tend to respond more to it.

The experiment had the voices of the participants recorded and then played to dogs. Puppies have been found to be highly responsive when dog-directed speech is used. Though the experiment did not get the same response when used on older dogs, most dog owners say that dog-directed speech would be responded to by dogs of any age.

Dogs are the best friends of man. They have been with man for a long time. In dog talk, scientists are finding out the best way to talk to them. In Australia, feral cats are taking over.

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