Horizon: Zero Dawn: Close-Quarters Combat, Crafting System Work Explained

Horizon: Zero Dawn's new cinematic trailer has recently appeared online. This wa made possible by Sony Interactive Entertainment, giving the fans of the upcoming action-RPG a look at what should be expected from Guerilla Games' Horizon: Zero Dawn.

New Horizon: Zero Dawn gameplay video explains how the crafting system and close-quarters combat work

A tutorial video for the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn is reported to provide the fans a look at what they would encounter in ranged and close-quarters combat, including how the crafting system works. In addition, the game publishers at Sony have also put out a new cinematic trailer to show off the game's ability for storytelling.

Horizon: Zero Dawn video offers a look at some of the enemies and allies that the main huntress of the game, including protagonist Aloy, would face throughout the tale. Aside from that, the video also provides a clue at various masked warriors, although never revealing their identity or where the allegiances lie.

The upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn is reported to release on Feb. 28, 2017 in North America. On the other hand, the game will be released in the UK on March 1, 2017 for PS4.

Hero: Zero Dawn story trailer features Lance Reddick.

With the release of a new story trailer for Horizon: Zero Dawn, some of the characters and mysterious story were reportedly teased. Based on the cinematic trailer, among the main character Aloy's allies seem to be a character that is played by The Wire and Lost's Lance Reddick.

Horizon: Zero Dawn's new character, Lance Reddick, is reportedly seen as a hologram, showing up at 1:24 in the video. The said character will  also be heard saying to Aloy that he has come a long way since the citadel. Aloy, as a response, would ask his identity, and would be answered by Lance saying he is an interested party.

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