Battlefield 1 Servers Are Down On PS4, Xbox One

In the middle of nowhere, Battlefield 1 players were experiencing issues with their game. And all of sudden, they were logged out. What's even worst is the fact that they were unable to go inside their plays. Unfortunately, EA can't give out any specifics as to what the cause was.

According to Daily Star, it's actually just not Battlefield 1 that was experiencing server down issues. Other games from the studio such as FIFA 17 are also included. These games, apparently, are having a hard time connecting to the company's main server. And take note: this is happening not only in a specific area, but around the world.

The problem, fortunately, was acknowledged by the Battlefield 1 developer. EA, via Twitter, made it known to the general public that the aforementioned games' servers are down. Unfortunately for the fans, the studio can't offer any solution. Heck, the company can't even pinpoint the main cause of the trouble. The devs are still conducting investigation as of this writing.

It's worth noting that not all players of Battlefield 1 and other EA games are affected. There are those who are able to log into the game. The only catch is that they either experience issue while playing or, out of nowhere, they get kicked or logged out. This issue is even a nightmare to fans of FIFA 17. Remember that the title's TOTY is only a limited scale, and players only have a good small amount of time to acquire it through the Ultimate Team Mode.

Several outage system and online software are even showing a great number of offline Battlefield 1 players. With that said, it's safe to say that this downtime is seriously on a massive scale. Players located on UK and Europe are believed to be the one who are greatly affected. Those who are in America and other countries are on a medium range.

What are your thoughts on the server downtime of Battlefield 1 and other EA Games titles? What do you think could be the main reason behind this? Don't forget to share to us what you're thinking at the comment section below!

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