Star Wars: Force Arena Guide: The Ultimate Secret To Unlocking Characters, Buffing Stats Revealed

Star Wars: Force Arena has now been released for Android and iOS.  A guide on how to start the free mobile MOBA will provide the players some tips on how to play and unlock the new characters, including details on the buffing stat.

The ultimate guide to unlock new characters in Star Wars: Force Arena

The Star Wars: Force Arena comes with dozens of playable characters, with almost every hero and villain seems to be involved. In fact, reports suggest that it even includes the new characters that were featured in Rogue One.

Star Wars: Force Arena's new characters can be unlocked by completing all the missions. According to reports, a small checklist icon at the main menu in the top right can be tapped to display the mission screen that is said to come in a simple and special variety. By completing the listed task, the players can be able to unlock the Leader that comes with it.

Every card in the Star Wars: Force Arena is reported to have values for game stats such as Health, Movement, Attack Range, Attack Speed, Attack Power, Damage Per Second, Deployment Time and the Target.

Star Wars: Force Arena allows players to compete in one-on-one and two-on-two battles

In Star Wars: Force battles, the players are challenged to break the shield protector that protects the base of the enemy before the time runs out. The players are reportedly required to prevent the enemy from breaking their own generator also. In addition, every shield generator is being guarded by turrets, that if time runs out prior to the destructions of either generator, the player who was able to destroy the most turrets will be declared winner of the match.

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