Ever Wonder What Gen 2 Pokemon GO Will Hatch After The Full Release?

Niantic has already placed some Gen 2 Pokemon on Pokemon GO but one Reddit user and Pokemon GO trainer named Vivpix created an Egg Chart of what he thinks will come out of the hatched eggs. These will most probably be Generation 2 Pokemon in their baby forms.

The hatching of eggs depends on how Niantic deems which critter is actually a baby Pokemon. Most of you might have noticed by now that some of the Pokemon in the game were replaced with their baby forms because of their progression.

In the 2 kilometer group, some of the Pokemon included there are Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Hoothoot, and Sentret. Many trainers are happy to see the two last mentioned Pokemon, which are considered much better than Pidgey. Under the 5 kilometer group are the flying types Murkrow and Natu.

Despite this, Pokemon GO trainers are much more excited about the Generation 3 Pokemon which they expect will bring more powerful critters, such as Bidoof and Zigzagoon. Another expected mon to hit Pokemon GO in the future is Staraptor, which a lot of Pokemon fans thing is the best bird trasher.

Meanwhile, speaking of gym defenders, there are predictions that Blissey will be the next top tier defender mon. Blissey, of course, is the evolved form of Chansey which is currently the gym favorite because of its strong stamina. There have been leaked information that Blissey's source code has been beefed up to give it a higher stamina and better defense stat. According to the information, the maxed stats will give Blissey a good 3219 maximum CP.

With all these rumored plans and updates, many Pokemon GO players are hopeful that the gameplay of this popular app will continue to evolve as the Pokemon in the Pokedex. Here's hoping to a much better Pokemon roster in 2017.

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