4 Games In Danger Of Becoming Like Scalebound

Xbox fans are still reeling from the blow of the Scalebound cancellation. Speaking of cancellations, these four games seem to be taking the same route based on the news we received regarding their developments.

Crackdown 3

This is another Xbox exclusive which made quite an impression after being presented during the E3 2014 event. That has been more than two years already and there hasn't been any news about it. As far as experience goes, those games which become quiet for a long time has a danger of fizzling out and Regent Games, the developers of Crackdown 3, doesn't offer any clue at all. Xbox fans are now quite upset if it will be Strike 2 for Microsoft this year. That remains to be seen and Regent Games has to say something about it soon.


This is a PS4 exclusive which is set during a time when man has to fight with nature and wild animals in order to survive. Wild made its first appearance at Gamescom 2014 then it went off the radar. When everybody thought it might go down the drain, it resurfaced during the Paris Games Week in 2015 with an actual gameplay and after that disappeared without any trace once again. After more than a year nothing was heard from it and a lot of people are speculating that Sony might have scrapped it off without any noise.


This was probably the longest in development in this list having made its first appearance during the 2009 E3 conference. Yes folks, that's in 2009 although Rockstar said that nothing is "set in stone" yet when the game is going to be released. In 2011, Take-Two interactive released some artworks for the game but after that nothing was heard about it and everybody refused to make a comment about it. As many Rockstar fans are aware of, they are now focusing on Red Dead Redemption so most probably, they have shelved Agent for the moment.


Dreams was officially announced during the E3 2015 conference. This game from Media Molecule focuses on creativity where players can design their dreams and share it to other players so that others can experience what their dreams are. The developers also promised at that time that they will release a beta for Dreams in 2016 but that didn't happen. Until now, there's no further word about it but hopefully Sony will not abandon it.

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