League Of Legends Will Finally Get A Sandbox Mode

The official blog of League of Legends has confirmed that a sandbox mode will finally come to the game enabling players to play and hone their skills without fearing that another player will sneak behind and kill them. The upcoming sandbox mode is called the Practice Tool and will serve like the game's practice gym. Riot Games focused on five game elements for players to practice in. These include champion mechanics and combo, endless last hitting, map familiarity, jungle practice, and item build DPS check.

In the Practice Tool, players can use various commands which are under the player commands, game state commands, and jungle commands. Under the player commands, you can auto-refresh your cooldowns, HP, and mana, such as your rage and energy. It will also allow you to level up, lock the level, teleport to target, and revive.

For the jungle commands, players will be able to respawn the jungle and spawn any dragon they want. As for the game commands, you can enable or disable the minions, turret fires, and turret invulnerable. You also have a choice to fast forward your game 30 seconds or reset it. Moreover, you can also spawn an enemy or allied target dummies.

The practice tool can give players a lot of time without any pressure to hone their skills. For example, you can conduct an endless Level 1 last hitting practice as well as practice an early jungle clearing exercise. The possibilities are endless. What more, it is for everyone so regardless of any level you are, you can use the Practice Tool.

Riot also mentioned that since plants are the latest addition to League of Legends, they will definitely add that as well. However, they did not mention when exactly will it be available to players.

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